Thespians/College Auditions

2022-2023 College Auditions

We are a member of the International Thespian Honor Society, Troupe 7653.

Information about ITS can be found HERE

Washington Thespians can be found HERE


The Unified College Auditions, hosted by the Washington Thespians in Seattle, will take place in early October in Seattle. This date is a full day of interviews, auditions and a career fair in which colleges and Universities with thriving theatre programs attend from around the country to see Washington Thespian students. 

Performing students should plan on an audition consisting of two contrasting monologues. Technical students should plan a display and a short presentation. All students should attend with a portfolio and resume of their theatrical experiences. 

Scholarships, admission and individual assessments are communicated with the student directly in the weeks following the auditions. The Unified Auditions do not replace normal college admission, admission to the theatre program or individual advancement. 

The fees for attending vary but are usually between $40-50.00. (See website for more information.)