Student-Directed One Act Festival

Every year, students submit directorial applications for that season's One Act Festival. Students are selected to direct that year. Students then work together to audition, rehearse and prepare the productions that take place in May. 

Directorial applications are due at the beginning of the Fall term and are approved and selected by October. Directorial submissions are entirely chosen, selected and cut by the student-director. If copyright issues arise, they are responsible for their own rights for performance. Directors are also completely responsible for their lighting, set, sound and costume designs. Directing advising is done on a case-by-case basis throughout the rehearsal process.

One Act Directing Application


Directors and One Acts 

Passing On- Written and directed by Michael Medina
Gruesome Playground Injuries- directed by Aaron Mueller
Thirty (25) Minutes to Charlie- directed by Riley Ransier

Synthia- Written and directed by Elliott Grubb
The Office (A Stage Adaptation) – Written and directed by Miguel Munoz
A Minor Setback- Written and directed by Lila Soelberg

     Performances at 7 P.M. each night. Tickets: $5.00 each entry. Evenings generally rated PG-13 for serious/potentially intense content.