We have a full curriculum of classes for the high school theatre student. Please see below for curriculum and information. At the bottom of the page is a list of class forms/paperwork. Feel free to download and print if needed.

Theatre I-VIII
  • These are the foundation of our theatre curriculum. These classes are sequential and build upon one another. 
  • Theatre I is usually offered at least once a semester. All incoming theatre students (9th-12th grades) must enroll in Theatre I before continuing. Exceptions to this rule may be granted given special circumstances. Theatre I is the basis for all other education. It focuses on acting fundamentals, group work, memorization, design, playwriting, improv, basic theatre history, imagination exercises and theatre play. 
  • Theatre II is usually offered in the spring semesters. It is a continuation of acting fundamentals, primarily delving into partner scene work with focuses on dramatic emotion, objectives, obstacles and tactics.
  • Theatre III, V, VII are taught together, usually in the fall semesters. These advanced students study acting theory, principles of directing and design, playwriting as well as focus on at least two cross-cultural and cross-historical theatre movements and histories. Examples may include Ancient Noh theatre, Absurdist Drama, Elizabethan Drama, Kabuki Theatre, Greek/Roman Theatre, etc. Students will learn about these movements, read original texts and learn to perform the art form. 
  • Theatre IV, VI, VIII are taught together, usually in the spring semesters. This advanced class has similar curriculum to the previous fall semester advanced class but will focus heavily on directing and student-led projects as well as introduce new cross-cultural movements for study.   Students enrolled in Theatre VIII will also complete a final performance project. 
Drama as Lit
  • Students who are enrolled in Theatre IV-VIII, have taken all necessary prerequisites and are in 12th grade, are allowed to enroll in Drama as Lit. This is an additional LA work load, while being in the theatre classroom, which allows the student to receive Language Arts credit. This student may take an independent study in playwriting, directing, cross-cultural history, etc. 
Musical Theatre / Movement Theatre
  • Offered only sparingly, this class has a varying curriculum studying Musical Theatre (sometimes working on a specific show), choreography, dance, stage combat, movement theatre, Laban movement, Viewpoints, etc. 
Technical Theatre
  • Tech theatre is offered each semester. A student may take up to 8 semesters of repeated tech theatre. This class focuses on implementation and design of a show production. Given the semester performance production, students will work together to design, build and stage a production. Curriculum for this class includes safety training, tool usage and maintenance, shop maintenance, design, lighting, sound, construction and project-based curriculum.