Awards and Honors

Program Awards

Department Awards: Willow Chait, Veda Krishna, Ryan Torres
Most Inspirational: Eldred Hurtienne
TA Awards: Ryan Torres, Kaden Stroebel, Jayden Tidwell, Matthew Droncioiu, Willow Chait, Jocelynn Stuart
Directing Awards: Veda Krishna and Arsen Maas

UTP Program Award: Brevin Bazurto
Department Awards: Alex Chaney, Bella Dunlap, Paris Malone
Most Inspirational: Albert Rojas
TA Awards: Tyler Angelo, MK Bock, Paris Malone, Alex Chaney, Ryan Torres, Ariel Huntley, Sebastian Orellana, Brevin Bazurto
Directing Awards: Alex Reid, Cambelle Raper

Department Award: Rachel Errico, Tori Moore, Kestyn Hudson
Most Inspirational: Crowley Nix

Department Award: Miguel Munoz
Techies of the Year: Alyssa Agate, Rachel Errico, Ian Carlson, Makaila Atkins, Tiffany Valenzuela, Tuesday Howery, Ellie Fowell
Outstanding Actress: Lila Soelberg, Cambelle Raper, Molly Connolly, Kestyn Hudson, Bella Dunlap
Outstanding Actor: Skylar Kilde, Andrew York, Tyler Angelo
Most Inspirational: Skylar Kilde

Department Award: Brandon Hester
Techies of the Year: Cassie Bolton, Rachel Errico
Outstanding Actress: Alaina Bryce, Tessa Eagar, Lila Soelberg, McKenna Sork
Outstanding Actor: Skylar Kilde, Miguel Munoz, Riley Ransier
Most Inspirational: Riley Ransier

Department Award: Aaron Mueller
Techies of the Year: Bailey Dunlap and Alyssa Agate
Outstanding Actress: Emily Baumann, Ashley Doyle, Sabrina Burgoyne
Outstanding Actor: Riley Ransier, Aaron Mueller, Brandon Hester, Michael Medina
Most Inspirational: Katherine Munro

Department Award: Rebecca Gifford
Techies of the Year: Abby Jones and Haley Teel
Outstanding Actress: Kasey Gould, Karsyn Rushing, Rachel Williams, Rebecca Gifford
Outstanding Actor: Mac Ransier, Riley Ransier, Aaron Mueller, Patrick Parker, Daniel Scalberg, Hao Nguyen
Most Inspirational: Hao Nguyen

Department Award: Brenna Roach
UTP Career Award: Ashlee Loubey
Techies of the Year: Haley Teel and Michael Medina
Outstanding Actress: Rebecca Gifford, Emily Hyde, Jessica Fernandez, Ashlyn Ybarra
Outstanding Actor: Jake Martin, Spencer Riggins, Naga Palepu, Ben Yonko
Most Inspirational: Jake Martin and Jessica Fernandez

Department Award: Christian Seavey
Techies of the Year: Judy Turnauer and Shawn Garvey
Outstanding Actress: Rebecca Gifford, Kady Lawson, Emily Hyde, Jessica Fernandez
Outstanding Actor: Jonny Collier, Hao Nguyen, Conor Mc Carthy, Spencer Riggins
Most Inspirational: Rebecca Gifford

Department Award: Jake Lemberg
Techies of the Year: Sammy Jones and Zachary Griffin
Outstanding Actress: Madi Hess, Sam Voeller, Brenna Roach, Emily Hyde
Outstanding Actor: Benito Tijerina, Jonny Collier, Jake Martin, Christian Seavey
Most Inspirational: Dominick Faraca, Riley Atwood

Department Award: Jessica Yonko
Techies of the Year: Ashlee Loubey and Tanner Parow
Outstanding Actress: Sadie Rouse, Tayler Harris, Julia Jones, Elyza Lester
Outstanding Actor: Jake Lemberg, Devin Klein, David Gofman, Austin Williams
Most Inspirational: Jeremy Black

International Thespian Honor Society

Blue Ribbon Showcase Qualifiers = Top 10% in Washington State/Eligible to compete at State

Yellow Ribbon Honorees = Top 20% in Washington State
National Qualifier = Eligible to compete at Nationals

Ashlee Loubey - Stage Management - Blue Ribbon Showcase Qualifier/National Qualifier - 2016

Aaron  Mueller, Spencer Riggins - Duo Scene - Blue Ribbon Showcase Qualifier/National Qualifier - 2016
Rebecca Gifford, Jake Martin, Emily Hyde - Group Scene - Blue Ribbon Showcase Qualifier - 2016
Brenna Roach, Emily Hyde - Duo Scene - Yellow Ribbon Honoree - 2016
Rebecca Gifford - Solo Music - Yellow Ribbon Honoree - 2016

Best at Festival - The Other Place (One Act)- 2015
Emily Hyde - National Qualifier and Blue Ribbon Showcase Qualifier / Yellow Ribbon Honoree - 2015
Brenna Roach - National Qualifier and Yellow Ribbon Honoree - 2015
Christian Seavey - National Qualifier and Yellow Ribbon Honoree - 2015
Conor Mc Carthy - National Qualifier - 2015
Rebecca Gifford - National Qualifier - 2015

Double Excellent Thespian Showcase Performance- Group Scene - 2014
Outstanding National / Showcase Qualifier - Group Scene - 2014
Jake Lemberg - National / State Qualifier - 2014
Emily Hyde - National Qualifier - 2014
Austin Williams - National Qualifier - 2014
Christian Seavey - National Qualifier - 2014
Rachel Williams - National Qualifier - 2014
Rebecca Gifford - National Qualifier - 2014
Brenna Roach - State Qualifier - 2014

National Qualifier - Group Music - Anything Goes - 2013
Jessica Yonko - National / State Qualifier - 2013
Suzannah Lehman - National Qualifier - 2013
Jake Lemberg - National Qualifier - 2013
Devin Klein - National Qualifier - 2013
TJ Pittman - National Qualifier - 2013
Sadie Rouse - National Qualifier - 2013
Tayler Harris - National Qualifier - 2013