Technical Theatre

There are countless ways to get involved with the theatre department. The most well-known are the ones which happen on stage. But what happens behind the scenes? This is where you might find your true Thespian avenue. Techies make the world go 'round.

There are many areas of technical theatre (showcased below) where one can get involved at Union! 

Stage Management / Assistant SM
  • SM works directly under director for control of production
  • SM runs the show and controls all cues
  • SM works with the director and cast/crew for all functions of show
  • SM delegates responsibilities to ASM
  • SM / ASM understand all cast/crew responsibilities, needs and communicate regularly with director
  • SM / ASM complete rehearsal and production notes/feedback
  • Lighting designer (for shows, performances, showcases, etc.)
  • Lighting board operator
  • Lighting technician (moving, storing, focusing, hanging lights, etc.)
  • Spotlight: Occasional tech for spotlight operation as needed for productions
  • Sound designer
  • Sound board operator
  • Sound engineer (mics, cables, wiring, hanging, mixing, etc.)
Backstage Leads
  • Leads work backstage during productions on headset with board operators and SM for cues
  • Responsible for all backstage cues including set changes, character/prop/light cues
  • Responsible for maintaining show performance etiquette backstage and dealing with issues by communicating with SM
Backstage Techs
  • Work directly under Leads to complete all backstage cues
  • Move sets on/off stage, complete lighting/sound cues and helping cast to make cue
Fly Rail
  • Control the fly system and communicates with Leads for all cues
  • Maintains certification and notifies SM/director immediately of unsafe personnel/practices
  • Costume/makeup designer
  • Costume/makeup technicians
  • Cleans black box and dressing room areas before/after shows
House Manager / House Techs
  • House Manager works with Boosters in regards to the lobby
  • HM works with techs to design lobby flow and ambience
  • Work together to provide excellent service for guests in regards to concessions, flower sales, direct contact, tickets, programs, etc.