Who We Are

Union Theatre Players is the award-winning theatre program in connection with Union High School in Camas, WA. Throughout the school season, the program produces main stage productions, One Act festivals, seasonal showcases and offers occasional theatrical experiences in Portland.

We have a well-rounded curriculum including Theatre 1-8, Technical Theatre, Musical Theatre and Drama as Literature classes. Students have opportunities to direct, perform, write, create, design and compete in all avenues of theatre. Students have gone on to study Acting Performance, Film Studies, Playwriting, Technical Design and Directing all over the country at various colleges and Universities.

While at Union, our students boast some of the highest GPA and test scores in the school because of their involvement and commitment to education and empowerment. In addition to being involved in after-school activities, some of our students are involved with AP classes, Running Start programs and Skill Center development.

One programmatic goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible, with a wide range of topics and texts, to our students before they graduate. A successful theatre graduate will be one that has a full set of experiences, both corrective and exhilarating, and one who can work with all types of people positively, respectfully and passionately while delving into their chosen theatre avenue.