2023 Spring Play

Congrats Tech Crew!

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Important Paperwork and To-Do List:

- Check your schedule for 2nd semester and make sure you are placed in the 6th period class

- Get your script highlighted and organized. Check the "Puffs - Scene Breakdown" (see below) and break up your script with sticky notes, highlighters, colored paper, etc. etc. into correct scenes. Then make sure you know which scenes you are in for rehearsal.

- Check the "Puffs- Rehearsal Schedule" (See Below) Print out or mark up and highlight all the days you should be present - working with the information with the Scene Breakdowns. This schedule is only for after-school and may change if needed. But we will try to keep this schedule exact. Work this out with any spring sports or extra curriculars you have. YOU are responsible for your schedule.

- Be ready to go on Day 1 of semester 2. We have a lot to do. START MEMORIZING! Show fully memorized by Thursday, March 2nd


Puffs - Scene Breakdown

Puffs- Rehearsal Schedule

Performances: April 2023

For more information - email KRich at katharine.rich@evergreenps.org